When you are referred to Compass, a member of the Assessment team will arrange to visit you at home or in hospital to assess your needs. This may lead to: Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy at our Rehabilitation Centre in Dumfries; support within the home from the Community Support Service team; a twelve-week course with Open Minds or regular Assessment appointments, or a combination of these interventions.  

Our Assessment specialist Barbara Rodgers liaises with other agencies to help thse affected by ABI to receive the best support available to optimise recovery and maximise quality of life. You may self-refer but confirmation of ABI is required in order to access our Services. There is a specific service for the ABI community in the West of the regions, also managed by Barbara Rodgers and based in our Stranraer office.

The Assessment Service also offers information, advice and guidance to individuals, families and carers affected by the far reaching and complex issues arising from ABI. Regardless of how serious the brain injury, Compass helps survivors and their families to prepare for how their lives may change and support them in their recovery and onward journey.

If you would like to receive support or advice from us or are aware of anyone we could help in both the short and longer term, please contact us here.