This is a Housing Support Service offered to ABI survivors who rent or own their own homes, in order to help them maintain their homes and independent living. This service is managed by Zoe Meek. Our experienced Rehabilitation Assistants provide support including:

  • Diet and food preparation
  • Use of domestice equipment and appliances
  • Maintaining the interior of the home
  • Engaging with individuals, professionals and other agencies
  • Arranging adaptions to promote independence
  • Personal budgeting and paying bills
  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • Managing official correspondence relevant to sustaining their home
  • Assistance during resettlement to a new home
  • Assistance with moving on to new accommodation where less intense support is required
  • Assistance with shopping and errands 

If you would like to receive support or advice from us or are aware of anyone we could help in both the short and longer term, please contact us here.