Branch Out is a social enterprise owned and operated by Compass Brain Injury Specialists Ltd, based in our Rehabilitation Centre facility in Dumfries.  The enterprise began as a woodwork project used by our clients for personal woodwork projects and is led by highly experienced joiner, wood machinist and therapeutic practitioner Kim Davidson.   

In the early part of 2016, we recognised the workshop’s potential to expand beyond this use and become a social enterprise.  The principle aims of Branch Out are an addition to the rehabilitation interventions we deliver; safe, practical and fun activity which has measurable outcomes; and high quality products for sale to the public. 

Branch Out will soon be looking to hire additional workers (particularly ex-service users) to enhance the business and increase production. The Workshop is well equipped with a range of industrial woodworking machines, dust extraction system, power tools and hand tools. We encourage our service users to discover new skills or revive old ones in our craft workshops.

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Below are some of the wonderful creations which have emerged!