Your rehabilitation begins and ends with you: by that we mean - there are certain steps in the process that make rehabilitation work but the care and support is built around your needs, what matters to you, and what you want to achieve.  This 'personal outcomes' approach is the foundation of your rehabilitation and recovery as well as achieving your goals.  If your brain injury is the result of an accident or negligence, our partner Digby Brown LLP can help you to explore compensation - specialist legal advice at its best, when you need it most.  At Digby Brown LLP - "what matters to you, matters to Digby Brown."

Our Cognitive interventions are delivered by specially trained rehabilitation assistants and are key to you understanding how your brain works, identifying and accepting what is not working well and learning how to overcome these deficits or find new ways to live your life.  Achieving these outcomes eases anxiety, builds self-confidence and awareness, and help you to live independently.  

At Compass, we believe that living with acquired brain injury does not change your identity.  

Future forming; unlocking risk, unlocking potential.